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Buy Discount Rimfire Ammunition Online

At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we carry a wide selection of rimfire ammunition for your hunting and shooting needs. This includes discount rimfire ammo from many leading manufactures such as Armscor Precision, CCI, Federal Cartridge, Hornady Ammunition, Remington Ammunition, and Winchester Ammo. Browse our complete selection of ammo for sale online using the links below to find the best ammunition for all of your hunting and shooting needs.

Choosing the Best Rimfire Ammo

One of the key things that sets rimfire ammunition apart from other forms of ammo, is the firing process. Centerfire ammunition is propelled out of the gun when the firing pin of the weapon ignites primer located at the exact center of the cartridge base. However, rimfire ammo, as its name suggests, has its primer located in the rim of the cartridge base. Therefore, the firing pin must hit any part of this rim in order to force the ammo out of the gun muzzle.

Since there is a lot of variety in styles when it comes to rimfire ammunition, your purchasing decision can become somewhat lengthy. To make your choice more straightforward, you should focus on the most important factors first. Some of the key factors to consider are provided below.

Match Your Ammo Caliber to Your Weapon

This is a fairly straightforward factor, but it is still worth mentioning. Before purchasing any discount ammo, double check to make sure that the rimfire ammunition you are getting is the right caliber and type for your firearm. For example, if your weapon is .22 rifle, then you will need to look for .22 caliber rifle ammo. On the other hand for a .17 caliber rifle, you will need something like a 17HMR. It may seem obvious to some, but the choice of caliber is by far the most important factor, as it will ensure that the ammo will be compatible with your firearm.

Select the Appropriate Bullet Type for Your Shooting Needs

Even within the particular calibers of rimfire ammunition, there are various bullet types and options available. Therefore, after selecting the caliber, you will next need to consider your shooting needs to determine the appropriate bullet type. For example, when considering .22 caliber rimfire rifle ammo, options include everything from copper-plated solids and hollow points to bird shot.

You should also consider factors such as firing power or velocity and bullet trajectory as this will help determine the ideal target distance for a given type of rimfire ammunition.

Learn More About Rimfire Ammunition & Shop Our Discount Ammo Online

At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we do our best to carry a large assortment of rimfire ammo to meet all of your needs. With a wide selection of discount ammunition from many manufacturers and in a wide variety of styles, you can find the ammo you need without breaking your budget. Browse our selection of discount rimfire ammunition online today to see our complete selection.

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