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Remington ammunition is well known for having blazed the trail when it came to manufacturing centerfire ammo. In addition to being first to the market, Remington continues to develop and advance their products so that even today, it continues to be at the forefront of ammunition development and production. People do not just buy Remington ammo because it has been around for a while and they are familiar with the brand. Instead, people continue to buy Remington cartridges because they know that that this ammo is a cut above the rest.

At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we sell a wide range of types of Remington ammunition available at low discount prices. From centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition to rimfire ammunition and shotgun shells, we are your number one source for all of your discount ammo needs.

Remington Ammo: Blazing the Trail in Ammunition Manufacturing

Thanks to the company’s rich history along with their commitment to manufacturing superior ammunition products, Remington Ammunition remains a key manufacturer in the ammunition market. Here are a few reasons why Remington is a step above the rest.

Remington Ammunition Offers Proven Quality

It is no surprise that various brands and ammunition manufacturers all claim to offer high quality. However, one thing that sets Remington ammo apart is the fact that the brand is able to clearly demonstrate just how high the quality of its cartridges is. Take the Remington Blackout cartridge line. It is one thing to say that these cartridges possess a high level of accuracy because of the way that they are designed and manufactured. However, the point is driven home when it is noted that these cartridges are overwhelmingly the bullets of choice for many target shooting champions. That is the kind of proven accuracy that Remington ammunition can boast of.

Remington Ammo Offers a Wide Range of Products

Another advantage of Remington ammunition is the fact that the brand produces a wide range of types of ammo designed for all types of hunting and shooting situations. Whether you are searching for the perfect rimfire rifle ammunition for hunting small game or you are looking for powerful shotgun ammo to provide effective stopping power in home defense situations, you can find a Remington ammunition type for your needs. Some of the most popular types of ammo available include Remington HD Ultimate Home Defense Ammunition, Remington Premier AccuTip Shotshells, Remington Express Long Range Shotgun Shells, Remington UMC Centerfire Pistol and Revolver Ammunition, Remington 300 AAC Blackout Cartridges, Remington Corelokt Ammunition, Remington Thunderbolt Ammunition, and more.

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