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Ammunition: Discount Bulk Shotgun Ammo, Centerfire Handgun Ammunition, Rifle Ammo, Rimfire Cartridges, & Blanks

At The Hunting and Fishing Connects, we sell a selection of discount ammunition that will fill any hunter or shooter’s needs, and we provide our customers with the ability to buy bulk ammunition in order to keep prices low and save you money. If you are looking for ammunition sales at discount prices, make The Hunting and Fishing Connection your discount ammunition store. The categories of ammo that we carry include centerfire handgun ammunition, centerfire rifle ammunition, dummy cartridges / blanks, rimfire ammunition, and shotgun ammunition. Each of these types of ammo has its own characteristics and intended uses.

Our Bulk Ammunition Types

Rimfire Ammunition

With rimfire ammunition, the cartridge is ignited when the firing pin strikes the rim of the base of the cartridge, as the name implies. Therefore, the rim of a rimfire cartridge is essentially an extended and widened percussion cap containing the priming compound. The downside to rimfire ammunition is that after the bullet has been discharged, the head of the cartridge has been deformed by the firing pin impact and therefore this ammunition cannot be reloaded. Another potential downside to rimfire cartridges is that they are limited to low pressure calibers, which is why they are mostly used for smaller cartridge sizes. The benefit of rimfire ammunition is that it is easy to make in large quantities and therefore, easier to buy rimfire ammunition in low priced bulk quantities.

Centerfire Ammunition

A centerfire ammunition cartridge is a cartridge in which the primer is located in the center of the base of the cartridge. To ignite this type of cartridge, the firing pin must strike the primer cap in the center. In addition, unlike with rimfire cartridges, in centerfire ammo the primer is a separate and replaceable component. Because of this convenience, the centerfire cartridge has replaced the rimfire in all but the smallest cartridge sizes. Therefore, most modern pistols, rifles, and shotguns require centerfire ammunition.

A major advantage of using centerfire handgun ammunition and centerfire rifle ammunition is that the cartridges can be reused by replacing the primer, gunpowder, and projectile. This is very important for shooters using rifles that require cartridges that are obsolete or hard to find and therefore, more expensive. Centerfire cartridges are more powerful and more efficient due to their size than similar sized rimfire cartridges because they are designed to hold higher pressures. Because of this increased power, centerfire ammunition is ideal for hunting large game.

Shotgun Ammunition

Shotgun shells are ammunition specially designed for use with shotguns. Shotgun shells are made of plastic or paper filled with small lead or lead substitute pellets. Today most shotgun ammo are centerfire cartridges so that the brass hull can be reloaded after a shot. Shotgun ammunition can be categorized as either a birdshot or buckshot. Birdshots use a large number of small pellets, which creates a wide “kill spread.” Buckshots contain pellets larger than birdshots and are intended for hunting larger game and for home defense.

Dummy Cartridges / Blanks

A blank or dummy cartridge is a type of ammunition that contains gunpowder but no bullet. Therefore, when a blank is fired, it creates a flash and makes an explosive sound. Dummy cartridges are used in training, function testing firearms, signaling, and special effects.

Buy Bulk Ammunition at Discount Prices Online

At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we are proud to offer a variety of types of discount ammunition from a number of trusted manufactures. On our online store, you will find bulk ammunition from the following top brands at low prices:

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