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Hunting Scopes: Buying Rifle Scopes for Hunting

The term hunting scopes can include everything from powerful rifle scopes and compact scopes to red dot sights and night vision scopes. Some types of hunting scopes are versatile with adjustable magnifications that are also ideal for other applications including tactical shooting or target shooting, while other types of rifle scopes are best mainly for hunting purposes. At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we sell a variety of discount hunting scopes for everything from large game hunting to small varmint hunting. Browse our selection of hunting scopes below to learn more about the types of discount hunting scopes we sell.

Why You Need a Good Hunting Scope

There are a number of reasons for using hunting scopes when you are hunting deer, turkey, and other types of game. The following are some of the popular reasons why hunters choose to use hunting scopes verse traditional iron sights or other common sighting devices.

  • Magnification allows for further distance shots: Hunting scopes are useful since they usually have mid-range or adjustable powered magnification. This allows the shooter to take shots at further distances with improved accuracy.
  • Better view of target: Using a hunting scope can provide a hunter with a clearer, more exact view of his target, thus allowing him to determine the difference between a doe and young buck even at far distances.
  • More precise shot placement: The use of high-powered scopes allows a hunter to zoom into his or her target for more precise and effective shot placement.
  • Combat aging eyes: As it is natural for our vision to become strained as we age, hunting scopes that offer magnification can help hunters of any age to see their target more clearly as though it were only a fraction of the distance away.
  • Easier sighting at morning and dusk: Hunting scopes with larger objectives are able to draw in more light, therefore, allowing them to help brighten images in low light conditions including during dawn or dusk.

Buying the Best Hunting Scopes

Since there are a variety of types of hunting scopes available on the market today, there are a number of factors, which are important to consider to determine the best hunting scope for your needs. Available in nearly any configuration of size and power with multiple objective sizes, it can be difficult for a beginner to determine his or her ideal scope. The following information can help you to buy the best discount hunting scope for your needs from The Hunting and Fishing Connection.

Choosing a Hunting Scope Magnification

The most popular power rifle scope for hunting is a variable 3x-9x magnification. This means that the lowest possible magnification for the scope is 3x, or that an object will appear three times its size when compared to the same object viewed by the naked eye. In most cases, a 3x magnification is generally low enough to provide an adequate field of view even in close ten-yard shots. The maximum magnification that you will require can depend on the type of terrain in which you hunt and the longest length shot which you plan to take. In general hunting situations, a 9x magnification is usually a strong enough maximum power.

Fixed or Variable Power Magnification

Another choice related to magnification when you are buying a hunting scope is whether to buy a fixed or variable power scope. These two types of hunting scopes offer a number of trade-offs, as variable power scopes offer flexibility for multiple hunting situations, while fixed power scopes offer a lower price and often increased reliability. A disadvantage of buying variable magnification scopes is that they sometimes allow the point of impact to change according to the magnification setting. This is something that commonly occurs in cheap scopes, but should not occur in quality hunting scopes from leading manufacturers such as those found on The Hunting and Fishing Connection.

Hunting Scope Objective Size

A final feature to consider when you are buying a hunting scope is the objective, or forward, lens size. In general, a larger objective lens will gather more light allowing the scope to work better especially in low-light conditions. However, while a larger objective captures more light, this will make a scope heavier, more bulky, and more difficult to carry through dense woods or across long areas. A quality scope with a medium sized scope will generally provide a good balance even for hunting during early morning or dusk.

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