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Compact Scopes: Lightweight Scopes for Rifles and Handguns

Compact scopes are smaller lightweight versions of rifle scopes. These scopes offer the same quality and important features found in scopes from some of the leading manufacturers, but also feature a compact, lightweight design. Compact scopes can be used for a number of shooting situations including for hunting, military and special operations, police and law enforcement, and competition shooting purposes. If you have been searching for a discount compact scope, The Hunting and Fishing Connection sells a variety of compact scopes from leading manufacturers including Aimpoint, Leupold, and NCStar.

Advantages of Buying Compact Scopes

There are a number of advantages to compact scopes that make them ideal shooting scopes for a wide range of different situations. Because compact scopes are lightweight, they can be used in a variety of hunting and shooting situations including for deer or varmint hunting as well as for tactical operations by police and military officials. In addition, compact scopes can even be used during target shooting and competition shooting with rifles or handguns. The following are some of the main advantages that compact scopes offer.

  • Lightweight Design: Compact scopes are generally lightweight scopes that are ideal for hunting and tactical shooting as they will not add much weight to a rifle and are easy to carry.
  • Smaller Size: The smaller size of compact scopes means that they are easier to carry through dense forests and other tight locations with less risk of bumping the scope on trees, rocks, or other obstacles.
  • Smaller Objective: Many compact scopes have a smaller objective, which means that they can be mounted low on most rifles for more accurate shooting.
  • Multiple Mounting Possibilities: Compact scopes offer a variety of mounting possibilities due to their lightweight size and design. This means that these scopes can be mounted on rifles, submachine guns, handguns, and archery equipment. In addition, compact scopes are an ideal match for lightweight, short action rifles. Finally, some compact scopes are even designed for use as handgun scopes on pistols and revolvers for competition shooting.

Popular Discount Compact Scopes

At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we sell discount compact scopes from many popular manufacturers. These small-scale scopes incorporate a variety of important features found in tactical and hunting scopes but keep a small, compact size. The following are some of the popular name brand compact scopes that you can buy online through our website at discount prices.

Leupold Compact Scopes

Leupold compact scopes are durable and built to last. These scopes offer superior light transmission with minimal glare due to the multi-coated lenses. In addition, each durable Leupold compact rifle scope offers a standard Duplex reticle. These scopes feature smaller objectives and overall shorter sizes making them lightweight and ideal for hunting, target, competition, and tactical shooting applications.

NcStar Compact Scopes

NcStar Tactical Compact Scopes combine all of the features that you would hope to find in a powerful tactical scope, but in a smaller easy to carry size. These scopes include features such as fully multi-coated lenses, built in sunshades, bullet drop compensators, illuminating reticles, and variable magnifications.

Aimpoint Compact Scopes

Aimpoint manufacturers a variety of compact scopes including the Aimpoint Comp and Micro product lines. These red dot compact sights offer a number of distinct advantages over other scopes including their extremely lightweight and compact design, improved energy efficiency, night vision compatibility. If you are looking for the best compact scope, Aimpoint manufactures a compact sight designed for nearly any situation including law enforcement, military, hunting, and competition shooting. In addition, these scopes are designed to mount nearly anywhere including on rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, handguns, pistols, revolvers, and even archery equipment.

Trijicon Compact Scopes

The Trijicon ACOG compact scopes are designed as military scopes with a lightweight and compact design. Today these compact rifle scopes are designed for a wide range of firearm applications and shooting situations and are available in a variety of magnifications.

Buy Discount Compact Scopes Online

To find some of the best compact scopes online at discount prices, shop our complete selection of scopes today. With a wide variety of compact scopes and rifle scopes available from many leading manufacturers, you are sure to find the scopes and sights to meet your needs in our online store.

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