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Buy High-End Night Vision Scopes at Affordable Prices

As a leading hunting, fishing, and outdoor supply store, The Hunting and Fishing Connection brings you an extensive collection of camping and hunting gear, including night vision scopes. All of our products come from leading manufacturers and are available at some of the lowest prices. The night vision scopes available at The Hunting and Fishing Connection come with reliable construction and offer outstanding technology. From the most advanced in night vision technology like Gen 4 night vision to basic 1st Generation night vision scopes, you can find what you need at The Hunting and Fishing Connection.

Tips On Buying Night Vision Scopes Suited to Your Needs

Night vision scopes are available both as pocket scopes as well as rifle scopes. Which type is best for you depends on your needs. A pocket night vision scope is handy and usually lightweight. A night vision rifle scope can be fitted on to your hunting rifle for finding and shooting game during the night. Both of these types of scopes offer a number of advantages when hunting and shooting at night.

With the wide variety of options available in night vision scopes, it can be overwhelming to find one suitable for you. The following are a few tips to help you when choosing the right night vision scope:

  • The type of night vision scope you need greatly depends on where you need to use it. If you are going to use it in dark forests or remote areas, you will need at least a 2nd generation scope. The same goes for those who need to spot targets that are located far away.
  • Although night vision binoculars can be comfortable to use over long periods of time, you might find it a bit difficult to readjust to ambient light. Monocular night vision scopes are preferred by many because they are lighter, smaller, and easier to carry. These scopes also allow you to keep one eye open for retaining your natural night vision.
  • Light conditions play a huge role in which type of nighvision scope would work for you. Artificial light sources can overload some of the 2nd generation night vision scopes. In the case where you need a night vision scope mainly for urban environments or on moonlit nights, a 1st generation model works fine.
  • A 1st generation night vision scope is not necessarily an older model. The name is given to scopes that give ambient light amplification of 150-400 times. With these, you can typically get a clear image in the center but this blurs toward the edges. First generation models of night vision scopes have about half the viewing range of 2nd generation models. However, you can use an infrared illuminator and still manage to get a view at distances up to 100 yards.
  • 2nd generation night vision scopes offer the best vision in low light conditions. These models amplify the ambient light between 20,000 and 30,000 times. In fact, they can let you see a person who is standing 675 yards away on a full moon night. They have a viewing range of up to 100 yards on dark overcast nights and 330 yards on starlit nights.

Why Choose Our Night Vision Scopes?

The Hunting and Fishing Connection offers the widest variety in night vision scopes and other hunting equipment. Not only can you choose from multiple brands and models, you also get the most affordable prices available. From professional-quality scopes to basic models, we have it all, and our discount prices guarantee that you save hundreds of dollars on your hunting and camping gear.

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Whether you need equipment for hunting, camping, surveying game, tactical operations, or observing wildlife, The Hunting and Fishing Connection can provide you with the best in night vision scopes. View our complete range of night vision scopes above or shop our complete selection ATN Night Vision equipment on our website.

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