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Shotgun Ammo: Buy Discount Ammunition for Hunting

Finding the right shotgun ammo can make a huge difference in your success rate. Shotgun ammunition or ammo refers to the shells or bullets used in the shotgun. These bullets are large, lead cartridges or slugs that are filled with hundreds of pellets. Typically, a shell that contains a single projectile is called a “slug”, while one with several pellets is known as a “shot”.

What type of shell you buy for your shotgun depends on many factors including what game you are hunting and what kind of range you need. To learn more about the shotgun ammo that we offer at The Hunting and Fishing Connection, see all of our products below.

Shotgun Ammo Types

Usually, shotgun ammo is classified based on its size. This size determines for what the slugs or shot can be used. Smaller numbers refer to larger shots that offer a longer range. For example, most skeet shooting requires #8 or #9 since you only need short-range coverage. If you need longer range and larger shots, #7½ would be more ideal.

Usually shotgun ammo is classified into three categories:

  • Birdshot: This kind of shotgun ammo has small pellets and is best used for hunting all kinds of fowl and birds. This ammo is often referred to as “field loads” and it is usually meant for short ranges of 20 to 30 feet. This ammo’s stopping power is not very good for large targets, but at closer range, it often behaves like buckshot.
  • Buckshot: This type of shotgun ammo contains large-diameter lead balls. It is the preferred shotgun ammo for hunting big game. These shots are also ideal for defense and are very popular with seasoned hunters. They provide good range and even come in larger models that have a greater penetration power.
  • Rifle Slug-Loads: Shotgun ammo that contains a single bullet made of solid lead are called rifle slug-loads. They are like rifle bullets and offer single projectiles. Their stopping capability is excellent, but they need to be aimed very carefully unlike other shots. These are better suited for long-distance shooting or target practice.

Choosing the Right Shotgun Ammo Size

Choosing the right shotgun ammo for your weapon is not as difficult as it may seem. First, you need to know what gauge to buy for your shotgun. This can be important for safety and performance. After that, here are some additional tips to help you buy the right kind of shotgun ammo:

  • Know what type of game you are targeting. When considering this, you should ask yourself what sort of range you are looking to hit your target from.
  • Buy several slugs in the right gauge and try them out to see the difference. You will find that you need different types of slugs for birds, deer, and larger game like elk. Using the right shotgun ammo increases your chances of a successful hunt.
  • Read up about the pattern of different slugs. This can help you learn how to use them to your advantage.
  • You will need to consider the material from which the shotgun ammo is made. While lead is a common option, many states do not allow the use of lead ammo for bird hunting due to environmental factors. In these cases, you will need to use ammo made from tin, steel, tungsten-iron, or other mixes instead.

Select From Our Range of Shotgun Ammo to Find the Best

Here at The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we give you a wide range of shotgun ammo to choose from. No matter what level of expertise you have with a shotgun or what kind of game you hope to target, we have the perfect shotgun ammo for you. Browse our complete range of shotgun ammo above to find the ammo that is best for your needs.

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