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Thermal Imager Products: Infrared Cameras & Thermal Weapon Sights

A thermal imager measures temperature by detecting the infrared energy transmitted or reflected by objects. This energy factor is then converted into a temperature reading which is displayed on a screen. A thermal imager is especially useful when trying to detect moving objects or otherwise detecting animals or people in the dark or in low light conditions. These optics are commonly used when hunting, as well as by search and rescue teams, military personnel, and law enforcement departments. With a thermal imager, you can easily locate hotspots that cannot be seen by traditional infrared guns.

At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we supply a wide variety of hunting and camping equipment from some of the top outdoor equipment manufacturers at some of the most affordable rates. Our range of hunting equipment and optics includes a large thermal imager collection with a variety of types of thermal imagers available. Our thermal imagers use the latest technology to offer the best performance for any needs. Shop our selection of thermal imagers below to find the equipment that is best for your needs.

Uses of a Thermal Imager

Thermal imagers can be used for a number of applications including when hunting or for police, military, and tactical operations. By detecting and displaying changes in heat, thermal imagers introduce you to an entirely new dimension of live animal viewing or viewing other objects that emit heat. This is why a thermal imager can be highly beneficial for locating targets in the dark or in low light conditions. The following are some of the most common uses of thermal imaging technology:

  • A thermal imager can be used to survey herd or manage game
  • It is commonly used in wildlife observation
  • A thermal imager has several uses in law enforcement applications
  • Campers and hikers can use thermal imagers for traversing trails during the nighttime
  • A thermal imager can be used to track downed game
  • Livestock farmers also make use of thermal imaging to locate lost cows
  • Thermal imaging can be used for detecting heat loss areas in residential homes or commercial buildings

One of the most common applications of a thermal imager is in hunting. Hunters can these devices for surveying game in hunting areas even when it is dark. The device will pick up the heat signal of any object that emits infrared energy. This means that you easily get to check out most of the game in the area. For example, a thermal imager makes it easier for hog hunters to survey baited sites during the night. In terms of active game spotting, thermal imaging can be used to get a great view of food plots, open trails, and fields. There are several types of thermal imaging devices that can be used to spot man sized targets located as far as 500 yards away. Some of them are even built to work effectively despite dust, fog, or smoke.

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Our range of thermal imaging products includes infrared cameras, thermal weapon sights, and thermal imaging cameras made by ATN Thermal Imaging and FLIR Thermal Imaging.

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