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Rifle Bipod: Buying the Best Rifle Bipods

Rifle bipods attach to a rifle either by attaching to the barrel or to a sling swivel mount. These can be folded down for quick stability when shooting or folded up close to the barrel during transportation and when not in use. Rifle bipods help hunters and other shooters to achieve improved accuracy by providing a stable rest in a variety of situations. Rifle bipods are often adjustable making them ideal for multiple shooting positions.

If you are looking for a rifle bipod that will offer increased stability during hunting, target shooting, military, or tactical situations, a discount rifle bipod from The Hunting and Fishing Connection may be the best choice for you.

Our Discount Rifle Bipods from Leading Manufacturers

At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we sell rifle bipods designed to improve accuracy and stability when shooting. Rifle bipods can increase range by providing a solid base from which to aim. A benefit of the rifle bipod or monopod over other types of shooting rests is that they are lightweight and easy to carry as many bipods mount to your rifle and quickly fold up for easy caring. Some of the popular bipods and monopods available at discount prices from our online store include:

  • Advanced Technology International Bipods
  • Barska Optics Rifle Bipods
  • BlackHawk Products Group Bipods
  • Bog Gear Bipods
  • Caldwell Bipods
  • Champion Traps and Targets Bipods
  • Do-All Traps Bipods
  • Ergo Rifle Bipods
  • Harris Engineering Bipods
  • Konus Optical & Sports System Bipods
  • Mako Group Bipods
  • Mission First Tactical Bipods
  • NcStar Rifle Bipods
  • Primos Bipods
  • ProMag Bipods
  • SigTac Bipods
  • TacStar Industries Bipods
  • Tapco Rifle Bipods
  • Vanguard Bipods

What to Look for When Buying a Rifle Bipod

There are a number of important things to look at when buying a rifle bipod in order to ensure that you are buying the best bipod. Important features include bipod height, durability, and other special features. The following are some of the important features and options that you should consider when buying a discount rifle bipod from our store.

  • Adjustable Height: Buying a rifle bipod with an adjustable height allows you to use the bipod in more situations. This is convenient because it makes the bipod more flexible allowing it to be used for shooting in both prone and sitting positions. For the most convenience, you should look for a bipod with the broadest range that allows you to lock the legs at any needed height.
  • Durable Materials: It is important to buy a quality rifle bipod that is made of durable, yet lightweight metals such as aluminum because these can stand up to years of use in the field unlike inexpensive plastic bipods.
  • Lightweight Construction: Since you may be carrying your rifle and bipod for long distances when hunting or during tactical shooting, it is important to buy a lightweight bipod that will be easy to carry. Because each additional pound counts during a long day in the field, you should look for lightweight bipods made from durable materials.
  • Rotating or Swivel Feature: A rotating rifle bipod allows you to achieve stability even when on uneven ground. This is important because it will allow you to level the cross hairs of your scope and increase your accuracy.
  • Compatibility with Rifle Sling: Buying rifle bipod that allows you to attach a sling to your rifle will make carrying the rifle easier and reduce the risk of damaging your rifle or bipod. Harris bipods, which attach to the swivel sling mount also include an additional sling mount that allow you to use a sling even when you have a bipod attached to the rifle. This is an important convenience for many.

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