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Range Finders: Discount Leupold and Bushnell Range Finders for Hunting

Range finders can be extremely useful, when you are out hunting or golfing. In these cases, your accuracy depends on knowing the distance between you and the target. Many other factors also affect the quality of the shot such as the trajectory of the bullet or the golf ball and the windage. When you have a range finder, you can use the readings to make accurate calculations.

Range finders work by bouncing a laser beam off the target, revealing the distance between the target and you. Range finders can help you gauge how far away the target is located with pinpoint accuracy. Estimating visual range is a difficult thing, even for the most experienced marksmen. As a hunter, you may have the best rifle in the world with matching ammo, and you have perfect control over the trigger. You may have even memorized the ballistic charts for your gun, but you will never become a good marksman, unless you know the exact distance to your target.

Brands of Range Finders We Stock

At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, you can buy range finders manufactured by some of the top leading companies such as Leupold, Redfield, and Bushnell. These are some of the best products available offering special features and utilizing advance technology.

Leupold: The RX series of range finders from Leupold produces faster, more accurate readings over longer ranges. Leupold has taken a great leap forward in signal processing with its advanced DNA engine (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) which gives you crisp vision. The accuracy of your shot will also increase when you use the True Ballistic Range feature. Leupold also has also introduced a GX series of range finders, which is ideal for golfers spotting the distance to the hole or green.

Redfield: Redfield is another Leupold subsidiary, which manufacturers budget range finders at some of the most affordable prices.

Bushnell: Bushnell invented the first laser range finders for hunting, more than 18 years ago. Bushnell claims to be the most popular brand for laser range finders in the world. These range finders come with technologies such as Angle Range Compensation, which compensates for terrain angles and gives accurate readings. They also have other features like the Extreme Speed Precision or E.S.P Turbo processor for improved accuracy and targeting modes.

Tips for Choosing the Best Range Finders

Range finder technology has seen many developments over the years. They have become smaller, more affordable, and more accurate than before. With these advances, all hunters can benefit from the use of a range finder. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a range finder.

  • The effective range: Range finders can scope targets ranging from 500 yards to 1500 yards. However, you should note that the effective range of a range finder also depends on the reflectivity of the target. It is easy to measure the distance to a target like a rock cliff because it is more reflective than say a soft target like a deer.
  • Orientation: Some range finders are vertically oriented and you can use them with just one hand. Horizontally oriented range finders have to be operated with both hands. You can typically store the vertical models more easily, while you can get a better range with the horizontal models. However, the ultimate choice comes down to a matter of preference.
  • Magnification: All range finders will have a particular level of magnification, ranging from 4x to 8x. While a higher magnification will let you take a closer look at the target, you will have to compromise on the field of view.
  • Other important features: Some other features that you may want to look for include shock absorbing capabilities and grip. Some models are also fog proof and waterproof for added convenience.

Buy Discount Range Finders from The Hunting and Fishing Connection

With a wide selection of range finders available at affordable prices, we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for. We encourage you to browse through our extensive collection of range finders from many leading brands to find the option that is best for your needs.

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