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Decoys and Decoy Accessories: Discount Decoys for Duck, Turkey, Waterfowl, and Predator Hunting

Decoys can be used in a variety of hunting situations to help improve your chances of attracting game. At The Hunting and Fishing Connection, we sell a complete selection of decoys including deer decoys, waterfowl decoys, duck decoys, predator decoys, turkey decoys, and dove, crow, and owl decoys from the leading hunting manufactures at affordable prices. If you are searching for some of the best name brand decoys at great discount prices, browse our selection of decoys below to find the hunting supplies you need.

Waterfowl Decoys

When hunting waterfowl, setting up decoys can be an important step in attracting ducks and other game to your location. Duck decoys attract passing ducks by showing them that an area is safe. Therefore, taking the required time and care when setting up decoys can even make or break your day of hunting. It is important to set up the decoys in way that looks natural and realistic in order to attract a flock of passing ducks. Through a combination of several of the different types of discount duck decoys sold online at The Hunting and Fishing Connection, you can create a scene that appears to be a flock of ducks happily feeding and resting.

Using Confidence Decoys for Waterfowl Hunting

In addition, another useful tactic when setting decoys for waterfowl includes the use of confidence decoys. Confidence decoys can be crows, geese, or even swans. The purpose of placing these confidence decoys is to instill confidence in a flock that chooses to land in your spread. By placing several geese in shallow water off to the side of your spread of decoy ducks, you can create a calm and safe looking resting spot.

Predator Decoys

Predator decoys are used to attract different types of predator game. We sell a number of decoys from leading manufacturers, which are designed to attract predator game to your hunting site. We sell decoys and caller decoys from the following manufacturers at discount prices on our website.

  • Cass Creek Game Calls
  • Extreme Dimension Wildlife
  • Lucky Duck (by Expedite)
  • Mojo Decoys
  • Primos

Using the predator decoys sold at The Hunting and Fishing Connection, you can easily attract the predators for which you are hunting, such as foxes, bobcats, and coyotes, to your location.

Turkey Decoys

Often when turkey hunting, it is difficult to get the stubborn toms to come in close enough for you to get a good shot. That is why we sell a number of turkey decoys that can help attract that tom to you. The following are several of the turkey decoys we have for sale on our website at discount prices.

  • Primos B-Mobile Turkey: This is a large male turkey decoy that will attract the attention of large toms to challenge it. With a fold-up silk fan tail, this decoy rolls up and is easy to carry.
  • Primos She-Mobile: This decoy was designed to make your set up more attractive to a passing tom. The She-Mobile Hen can be easily rolled up and carried like her mate.
  • Primos Upright Jake Turkey: This Jake decoy is designed to be the exact size and color of a Jake to attract smaller Jakes that may not attack the B-Mobile Decoy.

Dove, Crow, and Owl Decoys

We sell a number of dove, crow, and owl decoys manufactured by Mojo Decoys. This selection includes a variety of decoys with wings that flap in the wind to draw the attention of your desired game. These realistic decoys can be used in multiple hunting situations. For example, they can be used as confidence decoys when hunting ducks and other waterfowl.

Buy Discount Decoys Online

If you have been searching for the lowest discount prices on some of the best types of hunting decoys for deer, waterfowl, predators, turkey, and more, look no further than The Hunting and Fishing Connection. With our wide selection of discount decoys, you are sure to find whatever decoys you need in our online store.

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