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Buy Discount Carbon Arrows and Crossbow Bolts

There are many different types of arrows and crossbow bolts available, and they are often defined by the type of material that is used in their construction. With the advanced technology today, manufacturers of arrows and crossbow bolts can now make projectiles out of many different materials that offer many advantages over traditional wood arrows. For example, carbon arrows are strong and durable, which means that, you get uniformity and exact performance from each arrow or bolt.

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What Makes A Carbon Arrow Better Than Other Types of Crossbow Arrows?

There are many different types of materials that can be used to make arrows and crossbow bolts. Carbon arrows are one of the most popular types of crossbow bolts used today because they offer a number of advantages. Other types of arrows available include:

  • Wood - Wood is the oldest and most traditional material used for manufacturing arrows. However, this type of crossbow arrow offers many disadvantages. For example, wood often lacks uniformity, and no wood arrows are made exactly the same. Wood is also softer and easier to break. Carbon arrows are much stronger and much more reliable than traditional wood arrows.
  • Fiberglass - Fiberglass arrows are popular because of their durability. Manufacturers of fiberglass arrows can easily make any type of weight and size giving these types of arrows precision, consistent flexibility, and straightness. However, the disadvantage of fiberglass arrows is that although they are tougher than wood, their rigid structure makes them brittle and therefore not as strong as their carbon counterparts.
  • Aluminum -Aluminum arrows are probably the most popular type for advanced archers. Different aluminum alloys allow for different weights, lengths, and structure. Aluminum arrows do have a disadvantage from carbon arrows though as aluminum can bend easily and the tips need to be replaced often making them a somewhat expensive choice.

Advantages of Carbon Arrows

Made from carbon fiber, carbon arrows are among the most expensive type or arrow. However, these arrows are known for their durability and its lightness. Carbon arrows are frequently used in tournaments by professional archers because the manufacturing process allows for a high level of consistency. They are the fastest and lightest arrows and have the ability to return quickly to their straight form. The only main “disadvantage” of carbon arrows is their higher price. However, because of their durability and strength, in the long run, they can be a better investment over other types of arrows.

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