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Buy Discount Aluminum Arrows and Crossbow Bolts

Aluminum arrows are a popular choice for advanced archers as they offer many advantages over other types of arrows and crossbow bolts. Aluminum arrows can be made out of different types of aluminum alloys, which allows the manufacturer to design custom weights and lengths of arrows. Aluminum arrows provide greater consistency in weight, balance, and flight compared to traditional wood arrows.

Whether you are a professional archer or just looking to start using aluminum arrows for hunting or leisure activities, The Hunting and Fishing Connection has the arrows you need. We carry a huge selection of aluminum arrows from a variety of different manufacturers as well as a wide variety of other hunting and fishing supplies. Shop our discount aluminum arrows below or browse our complete selection of hunting and fishing gear online.

Advantages of Using Aluminum Arrows & Crossbow Bolts

Aluminum arrows were first manufactured and designed by James Easton in 1946 and have been a favorite choice among archers ever since. Today aluminum arrows are available in many styles from a variety of manufacturers including Barnett, Excalibur, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, and Wicked Ridge. A few of the main benefits that aluminum arrows offer include:

  • Compared to wooden shafts, aluminum arrows provide greater balance and arrow flight because of their excellent design consistency.
  • These arrows typically last a long time, often up to a year with regular use because of the quality of construction.
  • Aluminum arrows are available in many different weights and lengths, which offers a huge variety.
  • When compound bows were first developed, wooden arrows were just not strong enough to withstand the increased force of the bow itself. Aluminum arrows became the choice of archers using compound bows because of their ability to withstand the increased force made by the compound bow.
  • Aluminum arrows are the most common type of arrow used today, and they hold a good portion of the market as they are inexpensive and easily replaced when bent or damaged.
  • They also have the benefit of being able to change arrowheads easily when they become damaged from regular wear and tear.

Shop Our Discount Aluminum Arrows Online

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